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International Class of Medical Program


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  1. Lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with adequate audiovisual and computers to support teaching and learning process.
  2. IT workstations and internet/email access points are available across the faculty buildings.
  3. Students have access to digital services of the library (including all currently used scientific journals), and an electronic learning environment offers a platform for communication with teachers and fellow-students and for sharing learning materials. Airlangga University provide proquest, springerlink, sciencedirect, emelardsight, infotract, ebsco, and galegroup databases, that can be accesed by its student.
  4. Faculty of Medicine is committed to offer all its students a variety of opportunities to participate in international activities and to follow a part of their study programme abroad.


Supporting Units

  1. Medical Education, Research and Staff Development Unit (MERSDU)
  2. Research and Public Service Unit
  3. Problem Base Learning (PBL)
  4. Community Medicine Bureau
  5. Digital Data ProcessingCentre
  6. Quality Assurance Unit
  7. Student Advisory and Counseling
  8. Medical Bioethics and Humanity


Teaching Hospital:

  1. Centre Teaching Hospital with 1550 Beds capacity and variety of the diseases
  2. Satelite Teaching Hospital with Beds Capacity varied from 250 to 350 Beds Capacity
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