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International Class of Medical Program


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Registration Process:

Please go to


Required Document for Verification:

  1. One copy of your senior high school diploma, verified by legal authority **
  2. One copy of your national examination result certificate (SKHUN= surat keterangan hasil ujian nasional) **
  3. National Examination Registration Card
  4. Proof of registration payment, issued by Bank
  5. Print out of the confirmation page of your on-line registration form

    Note: **  Please bring the original document

Please prepare another documents after you pass the entrance examination:

  1. Copy of the highest education diploma
  2. Official academic transcript in English with verification from the representative office in the country of the original school.
  3. The result of English proficiency test
  4. A certificate stating that the applicant does not suffer from color blindness either partial or total color blindness. This is an absolute requirement for the prospective medical student
  5. Color photographs, 4x6 cm size (four sheets)
  6. A guarantee letter of financial support (from parents or the sponsoring party)
  7. Copy of birth certificate or passport

In addition to the application form and the other documents needed, You need to pay attention for the health requirement for medical student. the applicant should not suffer from color blindness either partial or total. This is an absolute requirement for the prospective medical student.

Notification Letter:
The registrant will receive notification letter automatically, after the application form is successfully delivered to the registration committee.


 During the study, medical student have to take some course with their own expenses in our institution partner abroad

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