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International Class of Medical Program

Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University (FMAU)

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Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University (FMAU) is one of 13 faculties in Airlangga University. Based on Decree No. 57 year of 1954, it had been established as a State-University.  FMAU is located at Campus A just next to dentistry faculty at Jalan Prof Dr Moestopo 47 Surabaya.  It is chaired by a Dean and three Vice Deans. It performs some educational programs such as: Medical Doctor, Midwifery Undergraduate, Master's Program in Medicine, Master's Program in Nursing, Postgraduate training on Medical Specialist, also Diplomas on medical technician, physiotherapy, radiology and traditional medicine (as Vocational Programs). There are 29 departments supporting pre-clinical and clinical studies in Medical Doctor Program. Its partner hospital is Rumah Sakit Umum Dokter Soetomo, located exactly in front of the campus. A Tropical Disesase Center (a center of research on tropical diseases), had been built since early 2000 to improve and encourage spirit of research in FMAU. It has about 1500 students 78 professors, 38 doctorals,  78  masters and 139 specialists.  FMAU had been applied PBL (Problem Based Learning) for learning model since year of 2000 and had been turned to a competency-based curriculum since 2005. Tropical Disease, Disaster Management and Research are three main interests of FMAU to be different to other Medical Faculty in Indonesia.
International Program on Medical Study is part of FMAU global strategy towards internationalization. It would be a trigger to open the gate of knowledge and cultural transfer among clinicians and scientists across the world wider than what had been done. The curriculum of international Program is developed based on international standard set by World Federation for Medical Education and Indonesian Medical Council. Global Health issues will be also accommodated in curriculum.
While improving the capability students’ brainware, FMAU also has being trying to prepare students’ soft skills by putting additional points for students who are active in student organizations and social work (include students’ religious organizations, students’ science club, students’ journalist and environment activists). Those are designed to prove FMAU Motto: Excellence With Morality!


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