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International Class of Medical Program


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Medical education in Surabaya had been begun in 1913 as the 2nd oldest medical education in Indonesia after Jakarta. It was founded as Nederlands Indische Artsen School (NIAS) based on The Decree No. 4122 of Netherland General Governor in 8 May 1913. The program had run until 1942 before NIAS had been turned into IKA DAIGAKU due to Japanese colonization.





FKUA NOWAirlangga University had been officially opened in 1954, based on Republic Indonesia Decree No. 10th, 1945. Since that time, Faculty of Medicine had become part of Airlangga University. The first President of Indonesian Republic, Ir.Soekarno, was the one who honored to officially declare the University.

NIAS building which was built in 1923 (first picture) was not changed (the second picture, 2009) and at this moment, this building has been stated as a conservation for Surabaya Municipal.




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